Anger Is Blinding

Have you ever lost your keys/remote and found yourself getting extremely frustrated, sweaty, angry..and just feeling like your day is going all wrong before it even started!? It’s so intense that you just say “to hell with it” and you give up! 

But in that very moment of giving up, you’ve taken your mind off of finding the keys, your blood pressure has fallen, you’re calm again and boom...YOU FIND THEM! Turns out they were right there in front of you all along!! How could you not have seen them!?

Anger Is Blinding! It literally distorts your brain. You lose focus, and start making irrational decisions and most likely end up regretting the actions you’ve made while angry. I know this experience all too well for many different scenarios in my past life. But recently, I've mastered the art of taking a step back when I’m feeling intense. I turn my thoughts off and get indulged in something completely opposite from what had me locked in. While doing that, overtime, my thoughts naturally became aligned and I figured out the solution to my problem…oh and I found my keys, that were hanging right there in the doorknob!!

Picture a boiling pot of macaroni. Sometimes the stove is way too high, and it causes the water to boil until it almost boils over!! One way to stop it, is to quickly remove the pot from the stove. The heat (your anger) has to be reduced in order to put an end to the boiling and then all is well again.

The next time you find yourself getting angry, take a step back, take your mind off of the situation and watch things line up in your favor when you least expect it.



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