5 Characteristics of the 1%

Who is the ‘1%’ that the world talks so much about? What’s so special about them and why 1%?

Get this, we all had a ‘first day’ on earth right? On that day, EVERYTHING was new!

But from that day on, how we’ve perceived the things we’ve seen, touched, heard, smelled, and learned, is what directed us to seek out different things and go in different directions and become unique ‘Individuals’.

But there’s one thing that most of us have in common, we all WANT something. And most likely, that thing that we want is something we may have to work for in some way or form.

And here’s the answer to the “Who’s The 1%” question…

The 1% are those who are the COMPLETE opposite to the 99% of humans that are NOT willing to do what it takes to get the ‘not so easily achieved’ things they really want.

Many refer to the 1% as the ‘RICH & WEALTHY’.

I refer to them as humans that have developed this unique mindset that can and will only result in becoming rich and wealthy.

Is it hard to become a part of the 1%?

In my opinion, its not a matter of it being easy or hard, but rather, once you have an understanding of what it takes to be a part of this group, its just a matter of making that decision on whether or not you are willing to get started.

Here’s the good news: the 1% weren’t born with these special characteristics they possess!

Each of these characteristics were all learned, practiced and executed…..consistently! So any human, regardless of your past or circumstances, can be a part of the 1%

So here’s my ‘nutshell’ List of characteristics


With self love, self discipline naturally follows, which is the #1 ingredient during the process of achieving what we want. You have to love yourself enough to know you deserve the great things you want, and with that, you will be willing to do what it takes to achieve them.


We put more time in formulating and writing down our list of long-term and short-term goals, than we put into any ‘to-do’ checklists.
We are super specific, intentional and confident in our goals!
(Examples) Short Term Goal: Every month, I bring in 250 Sales with an average value of $50 each. Long Term Goal: Every year, My Profits Increase By $100,000. (Notice that the goals are written as though it is happening already).
Then, we work out the numbers, the plan and the strategies needed to achieve said goals!


We understand that life is hard and the process of achieving the great things we want is not always fun….we actually enjoy these challenges and seeing how we overcome them will forever be rewarding to us.


Quality clients/customers, high level friends that turn into valuable relationships, reputable collaboration requests and partnerships….all come to us, without us having to do or say much.
This all starts by upgrading ourselves. Changing the way we dress, the way we carry ourselves, our attitude, the way we think, the things we say, the things we eat, the things we watch and read, the people we surround ourselves with, etc…all while developing more skills, humbly growing our list of accolades, and understanding how to extract our value in ways that even kids can comprehend.


It sounds so little and so easy, but this is one characteristic that is the complete opposite of little and easy, but super important! I personally have struggled with consistency during my 7-yr entrepreneurship journey. I admit that, my past and present wins are all a result of me kind of doing the same things, but doing it on impulse verses a schedule, and ‘winging it’. But when I made the decision to be a part of the 1%, I’ve started fine tuning my goals, sales processes, my strategies, and all the other listed 4 characteristics!
Consistency is the answer to how every single 1%’er becomes a part of the 1% (period)

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